Friday, March 23, 2007

The coolest thing that ever happened to me...

I got to meet Bo Diddley. Funny story. I was outside in my white trash outfit (no shoes, hippy skirt, tank top with no bra). And this old black man in a huge white Ford Dually drove up. One of my roommates was selling his vehicle on 6th st. and the old man asked me how much the owner was willing to take for it. So I put out my dew bidge and ran inside.

Mandocello, this luthier and performer that lived in the house I just moved into, asked me who was outside. I said,"Some old black man. Why?", and Mandocello peaks out the window....

Then jumps 3 feet in the air, grabs my arm, and orders me to give him my CD and tell him I am a musician. And I reply, "But Mandocello, I have to find our roommate to ask how much he is willing to ta....."
"JUST DO IT!!!" Exclaims Mandocello.

So without any explanation, I did as I was instructed. I gave my CD to the old man, and introduced myself. He shook my hand and politely said, "Well hey there!!! Alright Alright Alright. So you play the gee-tah huh? Alright Alright. Well I play a little myself. My name is Bo Diddley." And I shook his hand, having never heard his name before in my life, wondering why the hell this crazy person Mandocello wanted me to give my CD to an old black man named Bo Diddley.

I then told Mr. Diddley that I would give his phone number to my roomate, and he will give him a call about the vehicle as soon as he could.

Mr. Diddley drove off, and as Mandocello was running out of the house to tell me who EXACTLY Mr. Bo Diddley was, Mr. Diddley pulls up in front of the house almost at that exact moment, jumps out of the car, and asks Mandocello and I to come over to his house that evening at 7pm, and bring Fat Free Vanilla Ice Cream, and a 6-pack of Smirnoff Triple Black.

So I did as I was told. And it was a beautiful experience. He invited me in his home where I sang a new song he just wrote, and he cried and sat me down, looked me in the eye, took off his glasses and started to cry. He told me, "You sound just like Janis... Janis.... my lord I have been waiting 35 years for you to come back... ". I was humbled and speechless, and I shared his tears.

I believe he is one of the most genuine, beautiful, sweet, kind, caring, giving, and intelligent men I have ever met, and WILL ever meet in my life. I am HONORED to have sang with him, and been able to be in the DOWNTOWN PLAZA of Gainesville, Florida to see him accept a key to the city and recieve recognition that he deserves.

I highly suggest seeing him "perform". In fact, Mandocello was crazy enough to ask him to come to my birthday party (All my birthday parties in Gainesville celebrated my 21st birthday. ha), and here he is performing and playing Mandocello's Mandocello:


Sunday, January 14, 2007

NetValar Interview with Mysti Mayhem

Tell us a little bit more about yourself?
I was born May 14, 1984 in USA. Singing since I was 2, playing guitar
since the age of 9. I am a performing artist for a living.

In less then 10 words desribe yourself?
Animated, impatient, deep, tortured, philisophically silly

How would you describe your music to a complete stranger?
Soulful, with organic elements

The difference between you and all the other musicians online is?
We are all connected in some way... I can't think of a difference because
I don't know all the other musicians.

What are your strengths as a (1) a musician
(2) a human being?
#1. "Perfect Pitch" #2. I am determined

What are your weaknesses?
I am easily distracted and discouraged

what are the proudest achievements of your life?
Making it to the age of 22 alive.

What type of music do you listen to on a regular basis?
New music on Sellaband is intrigueing me as of late.

What 1 advise would you give to an aspiring musician?
Never stop. Never stop learning. Never stop playing.

How do you feel about interviews?
They can either be super fun, or tramendously boring

How do you feel about optional questions instead of interviews?
Optional questions leave out room for discussion, which can be either good
or bad.

Do you come from a musical background? YES.

Was your childhood inspirational or does it affect your music? My
childhood was very disturbing and unhappy. Yes, it has absolutely
affected my music and why I do it.

Who inspires you? Everyone with a story to tell.... a talent that
supercedes others... or an undeniable sense of self.

Do you get nervous about playing live? Every time. It's good to be
nervous, it loosens me up.

What is your favorite web-site?

What will you do if you never "make it" big in the music industry? I will
still create music and perform just as I have been. Nothing would change,
except the difficulty of music would be a lot less.

What do you think you will be doing 10 years from now? Writing a song,
playing onstage, composing a piece for operas, movie scores... etc.

Would you accept a million dollars in cash to NEVER play your music or
anyone elses music again? No. Never. My life is music. I hear it
everywhere I go. There is music in everything.... the rhythm of life will
always be my number one love.

Why do you deserve to succeed? Because I have paid my dues. Success is a
song I would love to learn.

If you had to lose either your hearing or your eye sight - what would you
want to keep? I want to keep my hearing because my ears are my tools that
I use to create with.

What would you do if you were disabled and unable to perform again? Life
would stop for me, either by dying of a broken heart, or ending it on my

What is more important?
(1) having your music heard by the masses for free
(2) being heard by a limited number of people but being paid for it
This is a difficult question. Difficult, because in one hand I have the
ability to share my life and what I do with others which is necessary in
my line of work. In the other hand, I am presented with the option of
putting food on the table... I don't know which I would want more... to be
able to eat, or have others enjoy my music.... I can't answer.

If you had to walk over people to make it big - would you? Yes... it just
depends on who. HAH.

If you could go back ten years - what would you change? I was only 12, so
there wasn't much I could change.

If you were not a musician what would you be doing? There is no other

Do you have many close friends within the music industry? Many.

Who is your number one fan? It's a toss between Patsi Moonbaby, or Ray
Baisden. (If we aren't counting myself, that is.)

What 1 thing would you ask your fans to do to help your carrear? To
spread my name and music... to copy my discs they buy at shows and share
them... to invest in me on Sellaband if they see fit.

Would you suggest a business manager or fans doing partial work?
Absolutely. The music industry is way too difficult to attack alone.

How do you feel about using social networking to promote yourself? It is
one of the greatest strategies, especially for DIY artists.

Would it matter if 99% of people hated your music if 1% thought you were
the greatest artist ever? I suppose so. I base a lot of what I do on
whether or not my fans will accept it... if my music started a direction
that wasn't pleasing to my fans, I would be more than likely apprehensive
about my changes and directions.

What are the major frustrations you face within the music industry? Being
overlooked because I don't fit the "image" American music industries want
to sell... their number one priority is whether or not the artist looks
good on camera. Their number two priority is selling that image to the
masses. And one of the last priorities is teaching them how to either
sing, or lipsync the music they are selling. It's ridiculous that there
are so many over qualified artists out there that won't be in the lime
light because they weren't a model from birth, or they didn't have a very
rich daddy to supply "PAYOLA" to the radio stations and record execs.

How do you see digital distribution compared to physical distribution? It
is the future. People don't purchase CD's anymore because of the iPOD.
Because of this, they are willing to pay per song, per download. I have
made more money off of my digital distribution on CDBABY than I have
selling copies of my record online. Digital distribution also saves me
the time and money of having to spend thousands of dollars on the
manufacturing of my record.

What is the 1 thing your promo kit can't do without? Pictures. Quality

what is your best promotional web-site?

What are the 3 things you need to do to succeed in the music industry?
HAHAHAHA If I knew the answer to this I would have done them by now.

What is more important: talent or determination? Determination. People
don't need talent to make a record today because of the fancy tools used
in the studio. And more importantly, people can't hear the difference
between organic talent and computers, nor do they care.

What do you think of performers who can not play a musical instrument? In
my book, they are not a performer. The only exception to this is if the
person is an extraordinary vocalist who has experience and training on
some level.

Does it matter if an artist writes their own songs or not? I find artists
who write their own material to be more appealing because I feel as though
they are speaking directly to me from their soul. But not everyone can
write hit songs that are appealing to the masses, so there are people who
do that for a living. Don't get me wrong, if Linda Perry allowed me to, I
would sing her songs to the high heavens.

Which do you prefer the oldstyle MTV video or the new style YouTube video?
MTV plays music??? YOUTUBE, Medicinefilms. This is the future.

Do you prefer the recording experience most or performing the songs live?
I enjoy both. For me there is not much difference. I try and keep my
recordings as organic and unprocessed as possible, because otherwise, I
feel like it would be a lie to manufacture something that I don't do
normally or in the flesh.

What advice would you offer someone starting out in the music industry?

Do you feel it is important to know as much as you can on the "business
side" of music? Every day I am learning that this is very important...
without going to college for it, apprenticing the knowledge is difficult,
but not impossible. And definitely a necessity.

Do you feel you know enough? I will never know enough, even when I think
I know it all.

Where do you see the current music industry going? I believe the record
industry will start looking for talent online to try and save their dying

The music industry is best described as:
(1) hell on earth
(2) pergatory
(3) heaven
(4) all the above

It's Hell on earth because it's very similar to the old adage of the devil
offering you everything you ever desired and dreamed of, but then you must
sign your name and life away in blood. It's like pergatory because an
artist can do so much hard work, and still feel as though nothing has
changed, nothing is rotating... it can be heaven for those who find
nirvana and truth within their own spiritual self and their own creation
and music.

What is your opinion of all the lawsuits by the RIAA in recent years?
They are a lame group of lawyers who are getting rich by sueing lots of
people. They don't care who gets the cash except themselves. The beautiful
part about what they do, is they convince people they are on the
musician's side.

Do you respect artists that do styles of music that you do not like?
Absolutely. I have found over the years, that when I listen to something I
dislike, or am closed minded about, several years down the line, I will be
enjoying that same music. My tastes change over time as I grow and learn

How do you feel about drugs and alcohol in the music industry? LOL.
Well... they go hand in hand. With the right amount, the most beautiful
music can be created. With the right amount, the most beautiful music will
be destroyed... and if not careful, the musician with the right amount
will die... be careful.

You can spot a fake person in the music industry by? How manufactured the
songs are... there is a certain "sound" that accompanies those who don't
quite make the bar for talent.

A&R people are best described as? Leprechauns. They have the ability to
grant wishes and do magic, but where in the hell are they?!

Do you believe politics belongs in music? Yes. Social suppression and
those who weren't allowed to speak spawned the earlier music that
stimulates me today. The old gospils... the old country songs... music is
an excellent way of bringing the truth from the streets,to the people.

Are you politically active? Absolutely.

What is more important: kindness, knowledge or talent? They are equally
important. Sort of like, the Son, the Father and the Holy Ghost.

Are people born with the gift of an artist or can it be learned? The true
gift comes from those who are born with it. It is a craft that can be
learned, but both are distinguishable and different from eachother.

Which is the better band: Beatles, Rolling Stones, Metallica, U2 or
Nirvana? BEATLES.

Links for you to follow on this artist:

The News Is Fuc**d

The News Is Fucked on Vimeo
Reported by: Lance Barry
Web produced by: Neil Relyea
Photographed by: Jeremy Glover
First posted: 11/1/2006 11:01:14 PM
Last Updated: 11/2/2006 12:07:57 AM
Cincinnati's public access channel says they've done nothing wrong, after yesterday airing a short film full of expletives during the dinner hour.

Media Bridges is refusing to release the footage of that short film to 9News, saying they have yet to receive permission to do so by it's producer.

But even if 9News did have a copy of the film, it wouldn't be allowed to air unedited -- with the "f-word" prominently featured for all, both young and old -- to hear yesterday.

"The content does seem to be of an adult nature," said Tom Bishop, executive director of Media Bridges.

And there's a good possibility that "you" might have been paying for it.

The city funds the channel, and if you have Time Warner Cable, "you" help pay for it.

Media Bridges is funded by a city-sponsored telecommunications act that has Time Warner subscribers given no choice but to pay just under a dollar per month to support it.

"We are funded through the city, specifically the telecommunications act, through our cable provider," said Bishop, "so, 96-cents per month from Time Warner Cable customers."

The half-hour show in question was called a "Mysti Mayhem Presents" short film, shown on Media Bridges' Time Warner Cable channel 4 at 5:30 p.m. yesterday evening.

9News asked several times tonight to be shown the footage that was aired.

"It's not my material to let you look at, except when it was airing," said Bishop.

"When it did air, it showed a "Big Foot" type character who has stumbled into modern-day civilization, complete with the "f-word" being said in the dialogue on multiple occassions, shown unedited.

The director of Media Bridges says you might not like what you saw, but there is nothing you can do it about it either.

"I cannot legally prevent something from going on the air," said Bishop. "That is prior restraint. Public access is a first amendment freedom."

Normally Media Bridges material that is thought to be for mature audiences would be aired after 11 p.m.

But that is solely up the producer to make that assessment.

It's entirely possible that the producer didn't feel showing that film during the dinner hour was in poor taste.

However, the director of Media Bridges didn't rule out that it's airing during the time slot might have been a simple mistake.

Media Bridges says since it is a community-run station operating on cable, they are not held to the same decency standards as broadcast stations.


Please copy and paste this web address into your browser to read the news article on RockStar Rising and Sellaband.

Position Open!

Position Open
For 3 years I have been in complete charge of my career.
On the artistic side, I have done the recording, engineering, editing, designing, instrumentation, writing, playing, singing, arranging, filming, and creating.

On the grunt end, I've done the touring, loading in, setting up, tearing down, driving, repairing, websiting, myspacing, Interneting, blogging, e-mailing, snail-mailing, printing, stringing, posting, flyering, walking, talking, phoneing, sewing, and general laboring.

And In The Business Area, I have promoted, booked, managed, budgeted, agented, contacted, banked, assisted, directed, schmoozed, lobbied, represented, twisted ears/arms/legs/backs & ankles, merchendised, published, copy-righted, and overall have taken whatever measures and steps necessary to get where I am at this moment.

And through it all, I've done my best to look as good as possible and keep a fresh smile.

I'm 22 years old. I have built up accounts and fan bases and return customers and have kept them satisified.

Now it is time to take on a partner. Someone who can assist me in moving my career to the next level. Someone savy and professional. Someone who can make things happen, not just talk or brag about it.

I've been approached by myriads of well-meaners, con persons, and bullshitters that have offered to do some of these chores. But not one person has shown up that can honestly, and diligently do a good job, a better job than I can do myself.

But my career is at the stage where I can't keep spreading myself across the board like I have in the past. Someone needs to come on board now. Not necessarily someone who knows the ins and outs of the industry or is well connected. But someone who can get the job done no matter what the experiance calls for.

This is an open offer to that person. I've already baked the cake. All you have to do is help me deliver it.

You don't have to be a booking agent or manager. But you MUST be sharp, witty, and up for the challenge. Mcgyver skills are what I'm searching for.

Imagine if U2, Green Day, or The White Stripes had come along with this offer years ago. Imagine you signed on for the job. Imagine that you recieved 20 percent of their earnings over all these years. Imagine you helped guide their carreers to the levels they're now at.

What an orgasm! What a golden time! What an experience!

Now imagine you have that opportunity right this minute........


What are you gonna do?

Lets talk.
My E-mail:

Soldiers Deserve Music

Spellbox (Mysti Mayhem & Mandocello) wanted to do something for our boys and girls in Iraq.

So we went to MySpace and did a search for Iraq and began contacting the soldiers stationed over there that also had MySpace pages.

We sent them all the same letter, asking if they'd like to hear some music from home.

We sent out a lot of messages. But we recieved 194 affirmatives.

So we stuffed 194 padded envelopes with all our CDs, stickers, DVDs, and included a little plastic/rubber dinosaur for good measure.

We went to the post office and mailed said packages to the APOs provided.

Yea, we spent some money on postage and product, but we were rewarded with over 100 emails in the coming weeks, such as the ones below:
A Postcard sent from one of our American Soldiers:


Sorry it took me so long to get back to you. I got moved to a differeny place So now I only have access to the internet once a month. I got your CDs on the perfict day. It was a really bad few days. We had been out for 3 days. We had lost 2 guys. When we got back I went and laid down on my cot and mt platoon sergeant walked up to me and handed me your package. Mysti, You have an awesome voice. It was nice to be able to get away freom all that had happened. Een if it was just for a short time. It is amazing what music can do for ones soul. I really enjoyed Annebella. Thank you very much. I hope all is well with you.

A big fan


"wow i have been listening to the cds you sent you guys are very good i was expecting some garage band star search hopefulls and given my classical violin and guitar and voice training i am very hyper critical even if i cant spell and your gift of music is a needed escape i am very suprised an pleased and thankfull for it i have already started spreading the word and letting people copy some of it i hope that is ok? you have two more fans already today just wait till tommorow and im shure when i get home i will spread the joy exponentually ok i can not spell and one of my guys brought me a bottle of tequlla so that doesnt help your voice reminds me of 4 non blonds with its power and judy collins with its sweettness very very nice "

"Thank you so much for your support. I reciaved you package after work last night and i love the cds and the little dino was cute. I am so very thankfull. My roommates and i love the cds. we listened to them all last night. It was great. Keep in touch and take care."

"Hey you guys!! I finally got what you sent! I loved the CD'S !!! They were great and I especially liked how you re did "Building a Mystery" Oh, it was sooo good..... Thank you... Although, I was confused about the dinosaur and Ernie? Bert?? LOL.. Ok, thank you! You guys rock.. I will try to get you somthing cool in the mail...Maybe some of my unit patches or somthing! Thanks again!!!

Kodi Lee"

"Hi Y'all!
I wanted to tell you that I received your package today. The music is awesome, and we already have it playing over the speakers for the troops to hear!! The dino. was BAD ASS!! It brought a smile to my face. I have named him Flakes! Y'all are great. The troops will know all about you guys.

Talk to you soon

Sure it cost some dough. But in exchange, we get our stickers placed in some exotic places (other than the usual bathroom walls of clubs and whatnot) and we score a few fans to boot. We even got one of them to star in one of our videos via webcam!

Remember, those folks are fighting and dying. So, showing them some support is the least we can do.

Spellbox and John Wayne

Among the endless cornfields is a quaint town untouched by time.

Winterset, Iowa, the home of Marion Robert Morrison, better known to the world as John Wayne. The mere mention of his name produces images of courage and patriotism.

His home where he was born and raised is still intact and preserved to look as good as it did the day it was built. It and its gift shop are run by stuffy older ladies who DO NOT approve of colorful folk comin in and stinkin up the joint (like Spellbox). We had lots of fun playing with the toys in the gift shop and dancing on the front porch of John Wayne's house.

But should you ever choose to visit, tour admission is $3 for adults, $2.50 for Senior Citizens and $1.00 for children 12 and under. Open All Year. Closed on Holidays.

John Wayne's house is located 14 miles south of I-80 (Exit 110) and 13 miles west of I-35 (Exit 56).

American Corn Belt

First of all, if you should find yourself travelling through Iowa, be forwarned that there is NOTHING but corn... nothing.... but... CORN.

It is part of the American CornBelt folks... there is so much corn that their fuel is MADE out of corn!!! (Awesome--cleaner fuel, better quality, cheaper)...

We played a show at Knuckleheads in Kansas City, Missouri. The club was absolutely a 5 star rating as far as quality of service, atmosphere, and legendary performers. The owner, is the NICEST man. We highly recommend contacting Knuckleheads if you are interested in playing a gig or seeing a show.

Also, along our travels, we spent our nights in State Parks camping in our tent to save money ($8-$11 a night). We recommend Graham Cave State Park in Missouri and Black Hawk State Park in Iowa. And for $12 you can camp at a really nice bar in Oglesby, Illinois.

Hidden deep within our cooler was a bottle of Tequila we had never tried before... it has lasted us an amazing amount of time. The tequila is smooth, tasty, and provides the perfect "warm feeling" you expect out of a quality tequila.

This is Mysti Mayhem reporting from the road. We locked our keys in the car and I am in The Roman Candle in Madison, WI writing this while Mandocello is fishing the keys out of the car.... I'm glad we left the spare key under the matt, IN the car...
I would have used AAA, but they are saying that my card is "cancelled"... even though I just renewed my membership for a full year May 1, 2006 of this year... and on my card it says "Loyal Customer since 2004" "Card Valid thru May 1, 2007". I inquired who I could speak with about my situation, and all of their offices are closed until Tuesday for Labor Day Weekend. The lady on the phone told me that I chose to lock my keys in the car at a bad time.

I didn't laugh.

Thanks a lot AAA... I will remember to get a receipt next time I throw my $80 to the wind.

Love, Spellbox

Holiday Touring

Attention All Musicians!!!

Should you decide to tour, make sure you are not touring through the holiday seasons, for EXAMPLE... Labor Day Weekend.

See.... we rely on camp resorts and floor space to get us through our tours. And because we did not reserve any campsites two days in advance... ALL STATE PARKS WERE FULL... and the only ones with sites available were on a first come first serve basis....

So.... 30 phone calls later and no progress, we pulled in a cheesy corporate park that wanted $50 for a Primitive Site (no electric, no water, no bathrooms)...

We simply couldn't afford that... so needless to say, we spent the night anyway. *grin* We Gorilla Camped. We snuck in and slept........

Folks.... don't be fooled into paying out the ass for sleeping on the ground you walk on.

Soldier Pete

After our show at Knuckleheads in Kansas City, MO, we were approached by Soldier Pete and his lovely beautiful Wife. Soldier Pete was one of the soldiers who served in Iraq whom we sent CD's, DVD's and little plastic dinasaurs to. He was in town, and saw our show advertised in the local paper, and came out to personally say hello and thank us for easing the sounds of war with our music.

We are very proud of Soldier Pete and the rest of our brothers and sisters who selflessly serve for the protection and right of freedom for the rest of America, and the world.

Thank you Pete. We love you.

P.S. The photograph of the postcard that arrived from Baghdad on the Spellbox site came from Soldier Pete himself!

ATTENTION BANDS, MUSICIANS, ARTISTS!!!! There are people just like us stuck in places they don't necessarily want to be. You don't have to support the War to support your TROOPS. Please send them your music to make their day a little brighter.